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Before you leave this page get  the LessStressed DVDs for £10 each and start feeling LessStressed NOW. (Available on the site as Training for £20 each)

LessStressed Kids

Only £10 if you buy now (£20)

Are you having trouble sleeping? Are you worried about your school work or friends?  Are you finding it hard to concentrate and don't seem to be able to enjoy life?  Do you keep having rows and falling out with people? Then watch this video and learn some simple and  practical steps to start feeling LessStressed now.

less stressed
  • Simple tools to help you take control of the things that stress you
  • Learn to stop being such a stress-head
  • Learn to relax and chill
  • Watch it whenever you are feeling stressed
  • Clear and easy to follow

LessStressed Adults

Only £10 if you buy now (£20)

Stressed with work, money, health? Worrying about your parents, your kids, your future or your relationship? Are you sleeping badly? Overeating? Getting headaches? Finding it hard to keep focused and motivated? This video will take you through a practical process which will help you feel LessStressed today.

less stressed
  • Manage your stressors using practical tools
  • Learn to stop stressing yourself
  • Guided mindfulness practice
  • Spot and stop psychological patterns which cause you stress
  • Turn conflict into clear communication
  • Re-watch whenever you are feeling stressed
  • Clear explanations and step-by-step guidance

(After you leave this page you will no longer be able to get the REDUCE PRICE videos, instead you will only be able to buy them for the full price of £20 each from the 'Training' section of the website)

less stressed