less stressed

Love Being Me Audio Series To Help You Stay LessStressed

less stressed

Move from Survive and Strive to a life where you Revive and Thrive

Did you like the eBook and videos but want to know more?  Can you manage each crisis better but wish you could live with more ease?  Do you yearn for a way of living where stress isn't just coped with but just isn't as present? Do you feel like your life is out of balance and want to make changes but don't know where to start? Then this audio series is for you.  The Love Being Me audio series has over 10 hours of information, guided exercises, and transformative practices to help you make long-lasting, positive changes to your life.

I want to to be LessStressed and to Love Being Me

less Stressed
  • Look at all the different roles you play, all the ''should's, the 'must's the 'have to' s and focus on who you really are and what you really want
  • Learn about human needs and make sure you are getting your needs met
  • Focus on your strengths in order to build a life where you flourish
  • Learn to be your own hero
  • Tune in to your inner wisdom
  • Find your Soul Family and your Tribal Elders to support and inspire you
  • Focus on the life you want to lead and plant seeds to grow that life
  • Deepen your gratitude practice
  • And much more
  • Listen episode by episode and press pause to try out the exercises
  • Drawing on psychological and spiritual approaches to easeful living
  • Coaching tools
  • PDF resources with links and models to deepen your learning and speed up change
less stressed

Love Being You More and More Each Day


I work confidentially with all  clients, even those who give feedback on the audio courses - these testimonials are from real people who wish to remain anonymous. 

It's helped me feel more empowered.  I can look more closely at how life is actually wonderful and to enjoy it because only 'I' and 'me' can make it happen for me.

I've had time to reflect on my strengths and and discovered how to re-think my imagined negatives.  I've re-evalutated my life positively so I am more assertive and work and at home.

This is a great course for working parents who feel guilty about doing stuff for themselves or for anyone who feels they have lost their way.  It has helped me re-balance.

This course is for you, for me, the person walking down the street, at any age.  I do not/did not meditate, I don't read self-help books, I just fumble along through life, but this course is about empowering, ie finding ourselves (which sounds very alternative..but don't worry..it isn't)

less Stressed
less stressed

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